Sourcing timber sustainably is of great importance in a country so rich in nature as Nicaragua. Beyond ensuring that our timber sources are responsibly managing their forests, we have additional sustainability-driven policies in place to drastically reduce wood wastage in our shop. We recently kicked off a new intiative that that will bring us closer to zero wood waste: transforming our cut-offs into wooden jewelry beads, which we sell to fund our micro finance program.


Added Value

We firmly believe that the value-added jobs are essential for the continued growth and stability of Nicaragua’s economy. For years, Nicaragua’s timber industry has been exporting rough-sawn timber to clients across the globe. Through our work, we are demonstrating the value of transforming the wood into furniture before export. By transforming the rough sawn timber into furniture within Nicaragua, there is on average 6X the value added to the Nicaraguan economy.



We use hardwoods that come from specialized plantations and forest woods that are compliant with INAFOR (National Forest Institute) standards.



Our imported woods come from the United States. Specifically, we source from the largest managed forests in North America.